Will bring an experience that will engage the user, be informative and an easy walk (navigation) for the visitor. It needs a critical path and a call to action before the visitor leaves the page.

If your web design has an instant easy and possitive impact on the visitor, they stay longer. It is very important to have easy to find information about your products and services that make it hard for the visitor not to become engaged.

You want your website to be profitable so it becomes an asset, not a liability. When a visitor comes to your business online you want them to leave as a satisfied customer the very first time they visit. You want your visitors and customers to book mark your pages as one of their favourites!

A good website design is so much more than just good looks.

User experience has fast become a yardstick for rankings. We have a choice of affordable packages to get your name and ENTERPRISE ONLINE. We target your market whether it be local, national or international.

Let COMBO MARKETING launch your website and target your market to grow and become a successful and profitable enterprise.

If you have an existing website why not get a FREE eValuation on how to improve performance.

Website Hosting

It is also a very important part of your success online. Clients and visitors like to feel safe and your website to be secure.



on how small steps can help your enterprise make big leaps


Our aim is to make your enterprise successful and profitable. Creating a user friendly experience for your visitors that is uncluttered, modern and easy to navigate online. Quickly bringing relevant information about your products or services to the attention of your visitors. Leading to an immediate enquiry or purchase before they leave, the very first time they visit. 

We work hard to ensure that the balance is right to save you both time and money while maintaining a professional presentation of the quality of your products or services. Your website is an essential marketing and management asset. It is often your entry point into your chosen market or audience.

The Three P’s to a winning website design.


Professional…  Because it showcases your business.

Positive… Relevant, easy and engaging for the visitor.

Profitable… It is results that count, so it needs to be an asset to your enterprise.

A Combo Web Design is effective, profitable, and productive bringing you consistant results.
Design and Planning


how growth can be the natural result of positive input

The Importance Of Design And Layout

Whatever your target market may be, it is results that count. Our professional approach is aimed at generating qualified traffic. Ensuring enquiries and sales from your online visitors are relevant to the products or services you offer.

We specialise in WEB DESIGN  that is mobile friendly, search engine optimised and sales orientated. Highly focussed on getting you results. A key benefit to you is our CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS) 

Through COMBO CONTROL  you can manage as little or as much as you wish with our full support. You can add, delete or edit your own web pages. Keeping seasonal changes and information up to date.

No need to wait or get in touch. Simply logon and edit.

This is what ensures you get the very latest and up to date systems when you team up with COMBO MARKETING.

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make improvements to your exisiting website results